Marc Riboud – A Lasting Moment

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Accommodation Rd / Melrose St

Kathy Dickinson_1: Melrose Street
“Well, this is Melrose Street, which was off South Accommodation Road. And if you look straight ahead, up to the wall, at the far end of the photograph, that would be Burn Street, and that’s the Recreation Ground, which is adjacent to Beckett Street. And the houses that are in the far distance is Arthur’s Street, which started from Beckett Street and went right the way across to Stoney Rock Road.”

Kathy Dickinson_2: Melrose Street, climbing the wall
“With the wall at the end of Burn Street, that was where the House of Recovery was in the… I’m not quite sure of the actual dates… but it was the late 1800s. And…and that was the… the hospital, I think where they used to have, sort of, people who had infectious diseases as well. And the wall, at the end there, you know, we used to sort of take it as a challenge to be able to climb up the wall and I was always getting into trouble for having my shoe toes all scuffed, which didn’t go down very well at all!”

Kathy Dickinson_3: Melrose Street, clip rug:
“Between Melrose Street and East Beckett Street was what we used to call the rag shop, where people used to take their rags and get a small amount of money, or sometimes balloons and things. But my mother didn’t used to go and take the rags, she used to go and buy old coats, and then we used to cut them up and make clip rugs. And that was what we all used to do during the winter months. And they patterned the canvas: you used to get a piece of canvas, my father used to draw the design, and then with sort of maybe a diamond pattern with diamonds on each corners and a diamond pattern in the middle, and then we used to choose which colours you were going to use and which was the best! And sometimes you had to use what you had. But it was, it was very, very… you used to really enjoy it! And as I say, it’d keep you nice and warm when you were sat there on a night with nice bit of a clip rug over your knee!”

All Images – © Marc Riboud/Courtesy HackelBury Fine Art, London

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