Marc Riboud – A Lasting Moment

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Burtons – part 2

Andrew Heaton_07b: Basic clothes production (Part 2):

“Each girl, would do maybe pockets, obviously the sleeves, the front, and the whole garment would be gradually all joined together, until it would get up to the button hole marker. And she would have special markers where she put the coat down and chalk mark where the buttonholes needed to be. Then they would go to the buttonholer, who would make the actual holes for the buttons. They then would go to the pressers, and this here again: there was a body press, sleeve press, collar press. Then they would go to… that’s right, then we would have the buttons sewn on, they’d be about the last thing on the garment. They would then be hung up and inspected to see if there were any mistakes in the materials; the way the buttons had been put on, button holes, all the straightforward things just to make sure the whole thing hanged right. And we expected a high standard because we were selling, you know, a reasonable quality, type of garment. And then they would go downstairs into the storeroom and eventually they would go out to the customers.”

All Images – © Marc Riboud/Courtesy HackelBury Fine Art, London

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