Marc Riboud – A Lasting Moment

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Sassoon’s / Samuel St

Linda Engelfield_1: Sassoons/Samuel Street, factory finger injury:
“I do remember the factory yeah, it’s where I got my finger stuck up the asp! My friend and I was coming home from school and it was an asp with a padlock lock, and I said I’d put my finger in and nobody can get out. And somebody from inside pulled the door open and it ripped all my finger nail off! So, she took me home and then me mum took me to the dispensary. Lost the nail like, but kids in them days wasn’t they!”

Linda Engelfield_2: Samuel Street, workhouse:
“When we first moved in to Samuel Street, we came out of the workhouse. It used to be up Holbeck, what a place! And we got this house in Samuel Street and I’d never seen a house like it! Top half was all dark green, bottom half were brown. But on every door there were these little metal things so I got a knife and taken them all off, and they were all Jewish scrolls. They were all on the door, every door, every door jamb you went on. So, I just got a knife and pulled ‘em all out! It was a weird house… weird house!

There were six of us, and me mam. Me mam divorced and that’s why we ended up in that workhouse thing, yeah. It was… you know, like they’ve got battered wives homes now… well, you had loads of them in them days. What a dump! You didn’t have a room. It was a big long room but you’re all cordoned off with a curtain, no matter how many children you had: that was your slot. We had about three or four year in it. Yeah, and then we got this weird house. But we were happy in Samuel Street. Loved it! It was all big families and first two Jamaican families moved in there, they were brilliant, absolutely brilliant! Yeah, so funny!”

Linda Englefield_3: Samuel Street/Meanwood Road shops:
“And then, the shops on Meanwood Road. If you got tick, your name went in the window; you didn’t dare go past ‘em! Oh ay, if you didn’t pay up! I mean groceries were like what, three pound a week! And I mean, well you used to go in and say ‘I’m a shilling short,’ or something. ‘Well, bring it in by Tuesday!’ If you didn’t, she used to put your name in the window, you got very… humiliated.”

All Images – © Marc Riboud/Courtesy HackelBury Fine Art, London

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