Marc Riboud – A Lasting Moment

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Rag and Bone Man/ St Mary’s, Quarry Hill

Cathy Dickinson_03: Memories from St.Charles’ School and ‘playing houses’:

“Yeah, this picture now is a picture of St. Mary’s Church, looking from which, I would say, is Green Road, and I’m not sure if it’s Argyle Road, but beyond St. Mary’s is St. Charles’ School, which I went to. And so I used to sit looking out of the classroom window sometimes, and I always knew what time it was because of the clock there! On the way home from school the…this photograph is where everything’s been demolished. There’s lots and lots of bricks around and my friend who, I’m trying to remember her name now… Margaret Flynn, I think she was. She, we used to sort of line the bricks up and we used to play, what we called ‘playing houses’. And lining the bricks up like as if we were sort of doing the layout of a house: and we’d have a house with a room, and a kitchen and we’d sit and play there for quite a long while really, and then I always got into trouble for being home from school late!”

All Images – © Marc Riboud/Courtesy HackelBury Fine Art, London